Edfa Transient Control Based On Envelope Detection For 2020

EDFA transient control based on envelope detection for.

EDFA transient control based on envelope detection for optical burst switched networks Abstract: We propose and demonstrate a simple technique to control rapid erbium-doped fiber amplifier EDFA transients in optical burst switched networks. EDFA transient control based on envelope detection for optical burst switched networks. Title: EDFA transient control based on envelope detection for optical burst switched networks: Authors: Tran, A. V.; Chae, Chang-Joon; Tucker, R. S.; Wen, Yang Jing. fiber amplifier EDFA in an optical burst network. To suppress the transients, the EDFA is forward-fed by non-fluctuating input utilizing a power-modulated burst control packet channel. Using the technique, we obtained a maximum 1.7 dB reduction in gain transient in the EDFA. Decreasing EDFA transients by power shaping. Y.J. WenEDFA transient control based on envelope detection for optical burst switched networks. IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., 17 1 2005, pp. 226-228. Google Scholar. C. Tian, S. KinoshitaAnalysis and control of transient dynamics of EDFA pumped by 1480–and 980-nm lasers. J. Lightwave Technol.

Transient Control in EDFAs. Here we have worked on one control scheme: EDFA gain clamping, which will be demonstrated in the next section. In the examples simulated here, we have used a 16-channel WDM system. The addition and dropping of 8 channels are simulated by modulating the optical signal by a square wave at a low bit rate of 4K bits. switching time of the channel add/drop affects the EDFA transient [13] and that gradually changing the input power of the EDFA will decrease the amplitude and duration of the transients [14]. Other methods used to control EDFA optical power transients involve keeping a constant average input optical power to each EDFA in the optical network. This.

Abstract: In this paper a comparative study of two pump control schemes for suppressing transient gain excursions in EDFA's is presented. The first control scheme is based on the traditional feedforward/feedback control, while the second scheme is new and uses multiplication to combine the feedforward and feedback blocks. White Paper Introduction to EDFA Technology June 2009. Control Unit Input Detector Output Detector Figure 2:. FF loop for fast transient suppression. 3 Advanced EDFA Designs In this section we discuss some of the more advanced aspects of EDFA design. We begin by considering fast transient suppression, then go on to discuss WDM Variable. Theoretical analysis on the transient characteristics of EDFA in optical fiber communication Hao Ziqiang1,a, Li Hongzuo1,b,. phenomenon based on the mechanism of EDFA amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. mode field envelope of the pump light in the fiber, \ s r.

Tran et al. studied a simple technique based on envelope detection to significantly control rapid EDFA transients in optical burst switched networks. It was demonstrated that there is 6-dB transient reduction in a 10-Gb/s 80-km-long WDM system with three EDFAs. A TRANSIENT DETECTION ALGORITHM FOR AUDIO USING ITERATIVE ANALYSIS OF STFT. Transients can be classie d as weak or strong based on the. envelopes. Transient detection is an important problem in many areas ofmusicresearchlike-audiocodingparametricaudiocod-ing [3], pre-echo reduction [4] etc, onset detection [5,6]. Abstract. In this paper a comparative study of two pump control schemes for suppressing transient gain excursions in EDFA’s is presented. The first control scheme is based on the traditional feedforward/feedback control, while the second scheme is new and uses multiplication to combine the feedforward and feedback blocks. Power transients in EDFAs This lesson demonstrates the transient effects in an EDFA caused by the addition or deletion of channels using the EDFA Dynamic models of the OptiSystem. The performance of a WDM system can be critically affected by the adding-dropping of WDM channels since all channels present are amplified simultaneously by each. The objective of transient suppression technique is to enable the faithful detection of the input signal at the output. The proposed methods intent to do this by trying to avoid signal distortion at EDFA stages by keeping the net input through EDFA constant all the time.

We demonstrate that WDM burst signals are amplified with suppressed gain transients in cascaded erbium-doped fiber amplifiers EDFAs with fast electrical feedback control. In a recirculating loop experiment, the gain excursion is suppressed to 5.1 dBp-p after 45 EDFAs while the excursion is 28 dBp-p after 5 EDFAs without the gain control. Fig. 3 describes the transient detection, classification and logging procedure used in the electronic energy meter. First, a difference between the predicted L-cycle waveform and the current L-cycle block is computed. The difference is passed through an envelope detector and the envelope is.

Transient Control in EDFAs - Optiwave.

In this paper, stability analysis of an optical fiber amplifier gain controller is presented. The mathematical model of an EDFA Eribium-Doped Fiber Amplifier control system is described by two-time scaled system and thus singular perturbation approach can be applied to the design and analysis of the control system. In order to handle the channel variations such as add/drop, we adopt an. We're upgrading the ACM DL, and would like your input. Please sign up to review new features, functionality and page designs. The sample file EDFA Basic Concepts.osd shows the basic characterization of the Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier EDFA. There are three design layouts: Gain Spectrum, Gain Saturation, and Amplifier Noise.They enable the characterization of the gain, noise figure, and output power under unsaturated and saturated signal input regime. James Trent Jackson. feedback to automatically control EDFA gain. 2 Figure 1: Illustration of a technique to reduce EDFA transients using electrical feedback [10] A scheme that combines the use of electrical feedback and feedforward is shown in gure1. optical power is converted to an electrical signal and sent to an envelope detector. Apr 24, 2014 · Fast digital envelope detector based on generalized harmonic wavelet transform for BOTDR performance improvement. The SpBS signal amplified by another EDFA and the OLO mix via another 3 dB fibre coupler, and they are heterodyne received by a balanced detector PDB150C, Thorlabs. Newland D E 1999 Ridge and phase identification in the.

Impact of Transient Response of Optical Amplifiers Operating with Burst Traffic B. Neto 1, C. Reis,. the packet envelope but almost negligible for Raman. Optical automatic gain control of EDFA using two oscillating lasers in a single feedback loop, Optics. A novel fiber-optic acoustic sensor using an erbium-doped fiber amplifier EDFA-based fiber ring laser and a balanced Sagnac interferometer for acoustic sensing of the partial discharge PD in power transformers is proposed and demonstrated. As a technical background, an experimental investigation. EDFA model was designed that used optimized length and erbium concentration to suppress the power transient. Gurkan et al. [23] presented a more extensive study of the differences between C and L-band EDFA dynamics for a 40-channel WDM system for varying numbers of cascaded EDFAs. Results have shown that the L-band EDFA transient. Abstract. We demonstrate that a free ASE light re-circulation in EDFA based WDM ring networks provides an effective gain clamping technique. Proper network and amplifier design ensure signal power overshoots lower than 2.5 dB under 23/24 WDM channels add-drop operations.

Decreasing EDFA transients by power shaping Request PDF.

Jun 29, 2004 · An improved optical power transient control scheme is provided for optical amplifiers used in long haul, high capacity DWDM optical networks. The optical power transient control scheme employs a combination of feed-forward and feedback control mechanisms to adjust the pump laser current of an amplifier. White Paper Variable Gain EDFAs for Dynamic Mesh Networks Updated December 2012. The Finisar VG EDFA Class 1M APR scheme is based on two independent detection mechanisms designed. 6 EDFA Dynamic Response 6.1 Transient Suppression. EDFA transient control based on envelope detection for optical burst switched networks. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. 17. 2005; Optical signal-to-noise ratio monitoring using uncorrelated beat noise. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. 17. 2005.

broad spectral gain of the EDFA. Models based on the homogenous spectral gain profile were very popular but they do not work for multi-wavelength operation [5]. transverse RFLN detection mode is too weak to be exploited, the following part will concern longitudinal RFLN results. 6536 6538 6540 6542 6544 6546 6548 0,0 0,2 0,4 0,6 0,8. 4 Ultra-Fast Automatic Gain Controlled Optical Fiber Amplifier Yoshiaki Horiuchi,1 Yoshiaki Tanaka,1 Yoichi Oikawa,1 Noriyasu Shiga,1 Hiroshi Nagaeda,1 Ryo Sugimoto, 2 2Hidenori Miyauchi, Kensuke Shima, Kuniharu Himeno,2 and Hideyuki Hosoya3 With the growth of photonic networks, high-speed automatic gain controlled optical fiber.

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